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And I think to myself...

What a Wonderful World

Elijah Rumpembard
10 April
Hi! I am a music education major, attending University of the Pacific.

I think that for a long long time I'm just going to not expect anything that I am/was looking forward to or planning to do at all to pan out because I'm just a big loser and should never expect things to happen or "go right", whatever they may be. Maybe I'll be happier with no expectations whatsoever.

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"Heart of a Poet"
If you know my real name, you can see my poems...


G# minor - You are not totally happy, and you know
it. At least you are trying to do something
about it. You like to think and create to try
and sort out your problems. Keep going the way
you are, and you will soon be on speaking terms
with your demons.

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Marriage is love.

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